Identification bracelet

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BRACELET, IDENTIFICATION, supplementary feeding, blue CH 0.27 0.003kg 0,01078L Add
BRACELET, IDENTIFICATION, therapeutic feeding, red CH 0.27 0.003kg 0,0118L Add

General information

Used for patient identification in a hospital or medical treatment centre; worn on the wrist.


Components & materials:

- Bracelet: transparent polyethylene.


- Insert card: cardboard strip.


- Pressure fastener: (stud type) metal.


- Ident-A-Band brand, size suitable for children and adults: length 23cm, width 1cm.


- Bracelet: flat and tubular with smooth edges.


- Transparent, colour-coded:  red for therapeutic feeding, green or blue for supplementary feeding.


- Insert card, water-resistant, accomodates 2 lines of information.


- Safe and secure metal fastener.


- Tamperproof.


- Flexible, comfortable, non-stretch.

Unit presentation:

1 bracelet with 1 insert card, single-use.


400 bracelets and  insert cards in a carton, including multilingual user instructions.


Product description, size, reference number, manufacturer’s name and address.