Condom, male

last updated : 2018/12/31
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who class : 18.3.4
CONDOM, MALE, latex, lubricated, with reservoir CH 0.07 0.0035kg 0,014275L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C

General information

For protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Note: Other types of contraceptives and further information are available through UNFPA and the WHO. Information may be obtained from:

  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

220 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017, USA

Tel: (1-212) 297 5381/5392

Fax: (1-212) 297 4916/5250



  • World Health Organization (WHO)

20, avenue Appia

1211 Geneva, 27, Switzerland

Tel: (41-22) 791 21 11

Fax: (41-22) 791 41 96


MALE CONDOM: Meets WHO specifications.

The device is a lubricated latex-rubber sheath with a reservoir.



Latex: not sandy or discoloured, without toxic or harmful substance.


Size: Length 180mm, girth/width 53mm, thickness 0.06 +/-0.02mm


- Lubricant:  450 +/-100mg (including 20-60g starch)


- Viscosity 200-350 centistokes.


- Rupture resistant, without hole.


- Shape: parallel sides without constrictions, with reservoir.


- Smooth texture.


- Colourless, odourless, flavourless, translucent.


- Harmless, non-irritant.

Unit presentation:

1 condom, individually packed in a sealed, square aluminium-foil pouch, with a minimum of 8µ, single-use.


Month and year of expiry, manufacturer’s name and lot identification code printed on each foil pouch. Usually presented in boxes of 144 (1 gross), individual condom pack, in strips of three to four.


Protect from sunlight.  Male condom shelf life is only 3 years.


Meets standard ISO 4074:  Natural latex rubber condoms: Requirements and test

Meets WHO specifications:

The Male Latex Condom Specification Guidelines