Cotton, hydrophilic

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
COTTON WOOL, 100g, 100% cotton, hydrophilic CH 1,89 0,1kg 1,716L Add
COTTON WOOL, 500 g, 100 % cotton, hydrophilic CH 2,54 0kg 0 Add
COTTON WOOL, 1kg, 100% cotton, hydrophilic CH 5,43 1kg 3,1L Add

General information

Used to create bulky, absorbent dressings over, or in conjunction with, gauze compresses for wounds discharging blood, serum or pus.

Suitable for first aid.



100% hydrophilic cotton, purified, bleached and carded


- Surgical quality


- Hydrophilic absorption coefficient > or = to 23g/of cotton


- Odourless


- Carded fibre, not less than10mm


- Appreciable resistance when pulled, does not shed a significant quantity of dust when shaken and does not have lot of "Buds".


- Roll of 500gr and 1kg, interleaved with craft paper.


- Not pre-cut


- Not sterile


- Steamed autoclavable at 134°C.

Unit  presentation:

Net weight: 125g, foiled in zigzag, not sterile.


- 500g, interleaved with craft paper, not sterile. 


- 1kg, often two rolls of 500g, not sterile


Individually packaged in suitable protective wrapping (plastic) to protect against humidity.


1 cardboard box: unit presentation packaged in bulk, quantity per box depending on size and supplier.


- Product name and reference number


- Size in cm


- Materials


- CE mark or indicates pharmacopeia and year


- Manufacturer’s name and address


Complies with BP, USP and EUR pharmacopoeia specifications