Compress, laparatomy

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
COMPRESS, GAUZE, LAPARATOMY, 40 x 70 cm, 4 plys, sterile on request 0kg 0 Add
COMPRESS, LAPAROTOMY, +/-40x40 cm,X-ray detec,loop, non-ster CH 0,60 0,0413kg 0,367867L Add

General information

For example, used to:

- cover the sides of large wounds during operations: laparotomy.

- remove blood from large wounds during an operation.

- cover and keep the intestines wet during a laparotomy.



Absorbent gauze, 100% cotton, bleached purified, plain weave.


Absorbent gauze, 100% cotton, bleached, purified.


Polyvinyl chloride and barium sulphate.

Type of gauze:

20 threads/cm²


Thread count per10cm


- Warp 120 to 126


- Weft 75 to 85  


Weight: 27g/m²

Acceptable alternative:

17 threads/cm²


Thread count per 10cm


- Warp 95 to 105 


- Weft 66 to 74 threads


Weight 23g/m²


+/-40x40cm pre-washed

Number of fold/layer:

Minimum 6 fold, for good absorption


Edges folded over, sewn across the 6 folds for strength.


No broken stitches, no loose threads.


Loop: minimum length 26cm, preferably 30cm; width 1cm.

X- Ray detector:

Chips: length 10cm; width 1cm, sewn inside the compress between the folds, at the loop insertion level.

or :


Thread: rubber and barium sulphate, sewn across the compress for safely.


- NOT STERILE, requires steam sterilizing prior to use.


- Single use.

Unit presentation:

1 laparotomy compress, pre-washed, not sterile, single use


In cardboard box, 75 compresses (in bunches of 5), wrapped in transparent plastic bag.


Product name and reference number


- Size in cm


- Materials


- CE mark, preferable


- Manufacturer’s name and address


Protect from excessive heat (40°C) and humidity (high risk of mould).


Complies with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, class 1


Absorbent cotton gauze complies with international pharmacopoeia specifications.