Bandage, elastic, constraining

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BANDAGE, ELASTIC, 7-8 cm x 5 m, constraining CH 0,55 0,04kg 0,25L Add
BANDAGE, ELASTIC, 10 cm x 5 m, constraining CH 0,67 0,035kg 0,226L Add


General information

Elastic bandage used to support or immobilize sprained or dislocated joints, to secure dressing and to exert a small amount of pressure.

Suitable for first aid.


Light support bandage also known as universal bandage, short stretch, minimal stretched bandage or crepe bandage,  with durable elasticity.



a) Fabric, plain weave, warp/polyamide 36 % filament, weft/ cotton or viscose 63%, fast edges, one continuous length


b) Alternative fabric: 100% cotton fabric, plain weave, high twisted threads and normal twist threads in warp.


white or cream depending if  bleached or unbleached threads are used.

Mixed fabric

Length stretched/ nominal length: 5m

Grammage: 64 gr/m²


Length un-stretched: 2.63m

Grammage:  120g/m2

100% cotton fabric, crepe bandage type

Length stretched/ nominal length: 4m

Grammage:  40 gr/m²


Length un-stretched: 1.4m

Required elasticity:

150% maximum. According to weaving type elasticity regain may change

Size in width:

8cm / 10cm

Selvegde bandage:

no fraying threads on the length.


- Regular weaving


- Elasticity  maintained after washing, stretching and autoclaving at 134°C


- non-detectable by X-ray, non-sterile- non adhesive

Unit presentation:

Unit presentation: 1 roll, not sterile, single use, can be packed individually in a transparent sealed pouch


box of 10 to12  unit, in protective wrapping or in  bulk with the following information on the label:


- Product name and reference number


- Size in cm : length un-stretched and stretched / width


- Material (100% cotton or mixed fabric explained)


-CE Mark


- Manufacturer name and adress

Other requirement:

Meets Pharmacopea specifications and medical Device directive 93/42/EEC