Malaria Test, Paracheck Device

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
MALARIA TEST, 'PARACHECK DEVICE', rapid, kit for 5 tests CH 5,09 0,078kg 0,546L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C
MALARIA TEST, SD BIOLINE Ag Pf/Pan, rapid, kit for 25 tests CH 17,76 0,278kg 1,872L Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C

General information

Rapid test for detecting the HRP-II protein specifically secreted by Plasmodium falciparum.

Based on an immunochromatographic technique.

Used for plasmodium falciparum malaria diagnosis.



25 capillary tubes


25 individually packed tests


1 reagent bottle: clearing buffer with dropper-bottle


25 alcohol drenched tampons


Rapid test (15 min.) in 2 steps (application of 5 µl blood and 300 µl reactive or 6 drops)


Sensitivity: 95.5%


Specificity: 96%


Performance in capillary and venous blood (collected in EDTA tube)


At room temperature: + 4°C – +30°C

Shelf life:

25 tests ® 19 months


5 tests ® 17 months


No usage beyond expiry date


Kit of 25 or 5 tests


The gold standard method must remain the thick drop and the smear Giemsa stained.