Blood grouping serum, Anti (A+B)

last updated : 2018/12/31
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BLOOD GROUPING SERUM ANTI-(A+B), MONOCLONAL, 10ml, btl. CH 2.43 0.035kg 0,054L Add
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Cold chain : Storage +2 to +8°C

General information

Reagent (antiserum) used for the blood group typing.

Together with the other antiserums anti-A and anti-B, it allows detecting the presence of antigens A and B.

To prevent bacterial contaminations, close the bottle tightly after use and apply "free-falling" drops only.



Monoclonal antibodies


Conservative agent: sodium azide


Colourless reagent


Allow the reagent to reach room temperature prior to use:

+15 - +30°C


Cold chain


Keep refrigerated: + 2 - +8°C


Do NOT freeze


Shelf life: 22 months


No usage beyond expiry date


10 ml dropper bottle, intended for about 150 – 200 tests