last updated : 2019/03/20
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General information

Includes the necessary supplies and equipment to provide reproductive health services to refugees and war-affected persons.


The UNFPA Reproductive Health Kit for Emergency Situations contains 12 subkits, each tailored to specific program activities.


Content list

Block 1 – For use at primary health care and health centre levels

(10,000 population for three months)

Subkit 0

Training and Administration


Administration equipment to train healthcare workers and personnel.

Subkit 1



120 gross condoms (17,280) with safe sex leaflets.

Subkit 2

Clean delivery sets


200 individual packets containing materials and a pictorial instruction sheet for self-delivery, plus materials for traditional birth attendants.

Subkit 3

Post-rape management


Emergency contraceptive tablets in packets of 4 (100 packages, 400 tablets total) plus erythromycin and cefixime with explanatory leaflets on emergency contraception.

Subkit 4

Oral and Injectable Contraceptives


Designed to provide oral or injectable contraception to former users.

Subkit 5

STD treatment (drugs)


Designed to provide antibiotics and condoms using the syndromic approach for the main sexually transmitted diseases.



Block 2 – For use at health centres at the referral level

(30,000 population for three months)

Subkit 6

Professional midwifery kit


For trained personnel, midwives nurses with midwifery skills, and medical doctors to perform normal deliveries, to repair episiotomies and perineal tears under local anaesthetic and to stabilize dangerous situations before transfer to a referral unit (eclampsia and haemorrhage).

Subkit 7

IUD insertion


Equipment and materials for trained personnel to place IUDs either as an emergency contraceptive or as non-emergency contraceptive at the request of women, and to remove IUDs (antibiotics included).

Subkit 8

Management of the Complications of Unsafe Abortion


Equipment and materials to perform uterine evacuation and, if necessary to administer antibiotics.

Subkit 9

Suture of cervical and vaginal tears


Equipment to allow vaginal examination and suturing of cervical and vaginal tears.

Subkit 10

Vacuum extraction


Provides a Bird vacuum extractor to assist in vaginal delivery using the vacuum extraction method to deliver a newborn.



Block 3 – For use at the referral level

(150,000 population for three months)

Subkit 11

A Referral-level Surgical (reusable equipment)


B Referral-level Surgical (consumable items and drugs)


Equipment, materials and drugs provide for caesarean sections, resuscitation of mothers and babies, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and complications of pregnancy and delivery.

Subkit 12

Transfusion (HIV testing for blood transfusion)


Materials for grouping and cross-matching blood, and HIV testing.