KIT, IMMUNIZATION, 10 000 immunisations/5 teams

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, IMMUNIZATION, 10 000 immu /5 teams CH 17,412.20 0kg 0 Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +15 to +25°C

General information

Prevention or control of an epidemic (measles, meningitis, yellow fever).


This kit is composed of cold chain and logistic equipment as well as disposable and reusable medical material. It is to be used in situations that require rapid immunization of  10,000 people, for example during epidemics.

It was developed according to the following principles:

The kit enables immunization of people reached by an epidemic in refugee camps as well as in situations of insufficient sanitary conditions. It can also be used for anti measles vaccination during a refugee inflow.

The kit allows the immunization of 10,000 people by 5 teams, fixed and/or mobile according to the situation.

Only autodestruct disposable syringes are used for injections.

Safety boxes are systematically supplied with injection material.

Safety of injections = autodestruct syringes + safety boxes for collecting and disposing of used injection material.

The autodestruct syringe is the equipment of choice for conducting mas immunization campaigns. This material presents the lowest risk of person to person transmission of bloodborne pathogens because it cannot be reused. That policy recommanded by the WHO since November 1996 is now followed by ICRC/FICR.

It enables rapid installation of a cold chain and/or reinforcement of existing structures. The cooling and freezing units are fixed, and can supply several teams. The only energy source used is electricity.

The modular concept of the kit allows to adapt the orders according to:

-                       the locally existing equipment,

-                       an increase of the target group (supplementary modules can be ordered separately

Don’t forget to order the vaccines, and to calculate the existing and needed storage capacity.