ERU basic health care unit complete

last updated : 2018/12/31
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General information


  • To provide immediate basic, essential curative, preventive and community health care in emergency situations, where local medical facilities are insufficient or have been destroyed.


  • This emergency unit has a principal capacity of up to 30’000 population served, using a modular approach adjusting to the actual needs. There is a secondary capacity of 20 overnight beds. The unit is self-contained for one month.

Principal tasks

Outpatient curative

  • Basic treatment according to WHO basic treatment protocols, using WHO Essential Drug lists.
  • Services, with 10 to 20 "overnight beds" mainly for diarrhoeal and observation cases.

Preventive Mother and Child Health Care (MCH)

  • Services, with an immunisation capacity for epidemics such as measles.
  • Deliveries (very simple delivery bed ).

Community Health with Primary Health Care (PHC)

  • Concentrating on the eight essential PHC fundamentals, and the training, supervision and use of Community Health Workers (CHWs), including Traditional Birth Attendants and Health Information Teams (HIT).

Nutritional Surveillance

  • Disease and nutritional surveillance, with formal reporting.

Indicative staffing patterns

  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Pharmacist / Nurse
  • 1 Curative / Community Health Nurse
  • 1 Midwife / Nurse
  • 2 General Technicians

At time of printing, the following National Societies keep a BHC ERU:

  • Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish.

The BHC is based on the IEHK (Interagency Emergency Health Kit).


Standard modules

  • Outpatient OPD module
  • Inpatient IPD module (with 20 observation beds)
  • Pharmacy module (WHO Interagency Emergency Health Kit)
  • Mother Child Health module
  • Administration Equipment module
  • Technical Equipment module
  • Telecommunication Equipment module
  • Water and Sanitation Equipment module
  • Personal Equipment module
  • Vehicle