Solar fridge/freezer, Solar Dir. Drive 60, for vaccine storage

last updated : 2020/11/24
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FRIDGE/FREEZER, DULAS SOLAR DIR. DRIVE 60, vaccine+ice packs CH 5,613.29 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : NRA No Restrict,Spec.Provision A67


General information

Solar direct drive refrigerator/freezer for vaccine storage and ice pack production in areas without reliable electricity supply.

Hot zone appliance: +5°C - +43°C.

This refrigerator/freezer system qualifies as “green” product as it is connected directly to a solar array and uses solar energy to directly freeze water or other cold storage material and then use the energy stored in the frozen bank to keep the refrigerator cold during the night and on cloudy days.

No electrical supply needed.

No gas/diesel/kerosene or batteries required.

Refrigerator stores 57 litres of vaccines, freezer available for 13.8 kg of ice packs (23 x 0.6L). Works at WHO solar reference period 3.5kWh/m2/24hr.

Battery free: the refrigerator stores energy via a non-corrosive “phase change material” (PCM). This liquid freezes and thaws at +5°C. With an almost infinite cycle life, the energy store does not need to be replaced. It cannot be damaged due to over discharge or charge.

WHO Grade A freeze protection rating: “User-independent freeze protection”, no risk of vaccine freezing.

WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) accreditation for +32°C and +43°C: E003/084 (Refrigerators and freezers/Solar Direct Drive Combined Refrigerator/Freezer)

Recommended solar array size of at least 600Wp, the refrigerator will operate with just 125W/m2 of solar radiation available.

For solar direct drive units, the correct sizing of the solar panel array for a specific site is complex and critical. It must be agreed with both the appliance manufacturer and with the Qualified Supplier of the solar energy system at the time of ordering.

Holdover time (duration during which a vaccine load is maintained at a temperature range between +2°C and +10°C with no sun and at maximum ambient temperature: 3.9 days at +43°C (94 hr 11 min).

Integrated “Solar Socket”, which makes the excess power generated by the refrigerators’ solar array available to enable charging of other devices, such as mobile phones, temperature monitoring, and other electrical devices.

Stacking baskets for easy-access stock management.

CFC-free insulation and refrigerant.

Built-in solar powered temperature display.

Built-in handle with lock, strong metal hinges, heavy duty castors for easy handling.

Corrosion resistance tested to DIN 898

Replaces XCOLFRIF3SV Fridge/freezer solar, 37.5L, Dulas VC65FV


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Solar direct drive refrigerator/freezer


Dulas VC60SSD

Climate zone

Hot (+43°C)

Operating temperature range

+5°C - +43°C

Gross volume

Refrigerator:124 litres

Freezer: 24 litres

Vaccine storage capacity

57 litres

Ice pack storage capacity

13.8 kg (23 x 0.6L) at +43°C

Ice pack freezing capacity

Up to 2.4 kg/24 hr at +43°C

Holdover time

94 hr 11 min at +43°C

Autonomy as per WHO PQS protocol (+2°C to +8°C with minimal sun and at max temp.)

82 hr 48 min at +43°C


Freeze protection

Grade A “User-independent freeze protection”

Energy source

Solar direct drive, electric compression, 2 x Danfoss / Secop BD35K compressor

Power consumption

0.72 kWh/day at stable running (+32°C)

Operating voltage

24 to 45 VDC

Minimum starting power

40W refrigerator

40W freezer

Minimum solar radiation for continuous running

125W/m² (600Wp solar array, to be agreed with manufacturer based on installation location)


CFC-free R600a

External dimensions

95.9 x 128.2 x 74 cm (HxWxD)

Shipping weight

170 kg


Last update: 22/05/2019