Control card, cold chain monitor, (english)

last updated : 2019/03/20
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CONTROL CARD, cold chain monitor, (english) CH 4.52 0.0068kg 0,025L Add

General information

This indicator changes irreversibly from white to blue if exposed to temperatures higher than +10 and +34°C to monitor conditions in transit and in storage.

One card to be packed with every batch of 3000 doses of vaccines.

First entry to be filled and stamped by the vaccines manufacturer/supplier.

The card must stay at all time with the same batch of vaccines until it reaches the end users (mothers and children) in the health center. Dates of in and out cold storage, and dates of colour changes to be recorded on the card.

Do not introduce the card at a later stage in the cold chain, as this may give false information to receivers about the vaccines potency.

Meets WHO/UNICEF Standard

French and English available from stock. Other language versions available on special order.


Temperature thresholds:

+10°C and +34°C

External dimensions:

120mm x 150mm

External materials:


Number per package: