Cold box, back pack, 3L vaccine carrier

last updated : 2019/03/20
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COLD BOX, BACKPACK VACCIN CARRIER 3L, complete + 8 ice packs on request 2,5kg 14L Add

General information

Vaccine carrier for storage and transport of small quantities of vaccines. Backpack with an airliner insulating film for the temperature-controlled transportation of vaccines.

Meets WHO/UNICEF standard E4/01

Guarantee temperatures below +8°C for more than 30h at 43°C.

The Backpack Vaccine Carrier comes as a kit comprising 1 foldable backpack, 3 Airliner® (insulating bag), 1 T-Zone tray, 1 manual air pump, 1 aluminum bag, 1 valve protection clip, 8 JAW Packs, 1 assembly guidelines and 1 Thermometer Grid indicating the user the number of icepacks required based on ambient temperature. Includes instructions for assembling



Vaccine storage capacity

3 litres

Weight fully loaded


Weight empty


External dimensions

38 x 27 x 26cm

Internal dimensions

34 x19 x 20cm

Vaccine storage dimensions

34 x 19 x 5cm

Lid type & fixing

Self-Gripping Strips

External materials

Woven Polyester 600D

Internal lining materials

Aluminum bag

Insulation materials

Airliner® (3 units)

Insulation thickness

3.4 cm

Number of icepacks required


Number of icepacks supplied


Icepack type required

E05 or JAW Packs (8 of 0.68litres)

Cool life without openings

31 hours at 43°C


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