Cold box, 3L vaccine carrier RCW4

last updated : 2019/06/11
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
COLD BOX, 3.6L VACCINE CARRIER, RCW4,ice packs 6x0.3L+1x0.6L CH 323.72 0kg 0 Add

General information

Vaccine carrier for storage and transport of small quantities of vaccines.

Meets WHO/UNICEF Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) Standard E004/VC002 (insulated containers/vaccine carrier - long range).

Supplied with 1 set of ice packs. A second set is required to ensure turnover.

Fitted with one polystyrene interior container and one synthetic separation wall to prevent direct contact between the vaccines and the frozen ice packs.

Two transparent pouches on the front allow to insert documentation for easy identification of the contents without having to open vaccine carrier.

Handle and adjustable shoulder strap included to enable easy transport.

The top part is equipped with grooves to facilitate the stable stacking of the boxes.

International agreement for air transport (ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR).

Includes instructions in English and French.

When ordering spare parts, please indicate the product number.

Replaces XCOLBOXC03T GioStyle, 3L, Vaccine Carrier




Vaccine storage capacity

3 litres

Weight fully loaded

7.3 kg

Weight empty

3.1 kg

External surface material


Internal lining material


Insulation material

Polyurethane foam

Insulation thickness

25-27 mm

Internal dimensions

19x26x16 cm (HxWxD)

Vaccine storage dimensions

16x20x10 cm (HxWxD)

Lid type & fixings


Number of icepacks required

7 (1x0.6 litre + 6x0.3 litre)

Number of icepacks supplied

7 (1x0.6 litre + 6x0.3 litre)

Icepack type

E5/09 (0.6 litre) and E5/08 (0.3 litre)

Robustness in drop test

Fittings 3; Casing 4

Cold life, without opening (up to +10°C)

30.3 hrs. at +43°


Warm life (down to 0°C)

12.9 hrs at -20°C

External dimensions

30 x 37 x 29 cm (HxWxD)

Shipping weight/volume (1 piece)

4.5 kg / 0.034 m³


Last update: 22/05/2019