Hammer drill

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, HAMMER DRILL, with SDS and round tail bits CH 478.00 10kg 0,03m³ Add

General information

Drill for all type of wall (bricks, concrete, etc), up to 200mm. Mainly used by radio-com and electrician for passing cables.

Uses SDS+ tail bits and round tail bits. Both chucks supplied.

Supplied with the plug from country of origin plus the adapting extension cord as per the list of content.

Ensure appropriate with the voltage in the country of use.


Good quality tools for long term intensive use.

KENGTOOLDRIL Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
APROGLASCLEA GLASSES, clear rigid plastic, eyes front + sides protection1
EELEECOR10E3 EXTENSION CABLE, 10m, reel, 3x1.5mm2,230V,German std +CEE7/71
EELEPLUGME2R PLUG, male, Schuko CEE 7/7, rubber, 2P+E, 230V - 13/16A1
EMACDRILC080 DRILL, normal/impact, 220V/800W, SDS+ and round tail 13mm1
ETOODRILM06S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 6 x 150 mm2
ETOODRILM10S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 10 x 200 mm2
ETOODRILM12S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 12 x 200 mm2
ETOODRILM14S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 14 x 250 mm2
ETOODRILM16S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 16x250mm2
ETOODRILM18S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 18 x 200 mm2
ETOODRILM20S DRILL BIT masonry SDS diam 20 x 400 mm2
ETOOSCDRS01 SCREWDRIVER,multiblades in handle1