Kit, lighting and power distribution

last updated : 2019/02/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT LIGHTING and CABLING, 3 ph, upto 32 kVA, without genset CH 1,608.00 71.3kg 0,24m³ Add
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Code Description Qty
EELEBULBLCE277 BULB, low consump. A - fluores.- E27-10000h -230 V equ. 75 W24
EELEECABF153 CABLE, elect. flexible, 3 x1.5mm2, outdoor use, black, meter200
EELEECABF640 CABLE, elect. flexible, 4 x 6mm2, outdoor use, black, meter25
EELEECON0110 CONNECTING BAR, 10 x 1,5mm2, white nylon1
EELEECON0410 CONNECTING BAR, 10 x 4mm2, black pvc1
EELEECON0610 CONNECTING BAR, 10 x 6mm2, black pvc1
EELEECONIR19 TAPE, insulating, PVC coated canvas, 19mm x 30m, black4
EELEECOR03E6 EXTENSION CABLE, 3m,6sockets 16A German+ CEE7/7 -no switch2
EELEECOR03S6 EXTENSION CABLE, 3m, 6 sockets 16A, Swiss std - no switch2
EELEECORB16S ELECTRICAL BOARD, 3 x 16A Swiss type sockets and breakers1
EELELAMNIE10 INSPECTION LAMP, 110-220V, cable 10m, E27 screw lamp holder12
EELELAMNIF05 INSPECTION LAMP, fluorescent, 220V, 8W, heating cable 5m10
EELELAPOEME1 LAMP, SAFETY, recharg. 220V, portable, automatic switch on1
EELEPLUGFE4M PLUG, female, Euro std, metal, 4P+E, 400V/32A1
EELEPLUGFS2R PLUG, female, Swiss std, rubber, 2P+E, 220V/13A20
EELEPLUGME2R PLUG, male, Schuko CEE 7/7, rubber, 2P+E, 230V - 13/16A2
EELEPLUGME4M PLUG, male, Euro std, metal, 4P+E, 400V/32A1
EELESOCKMU02 SOCKET, multiple, 2 ways out, 13A, + earth, Swiss type5
ETOOCUTTKN51 KNIFE/CUTTER, retract. chang. stout blade, 150mm, alu. body1
ETOOCUTTKN5B BLADE, for knife/cutter alu 150mm, normal cut10
ETOOPLIEST16 PLIER, strip, 1000V insulated, 0.8 to 6mm2, adjust. screw1
ETOOSCDF0415 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 4mm x 150mm blade1
ETOOSCDSP050 SCREWDRIVER, Phillips head n.1 x 80mm blade1