Cables, electrical

last updated : 2019/03/18
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CABLE, elect. flex., 2x16mm2, black and red, outdoor, meter on request 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, earth, 1 x 6 mm2, outdoor use, meter CH 1.20 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. earth, braided tined copper, 10 mm2, meter CH 31.60 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 2x10mm2, outdoor use, per m on request 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 2 x 1.5mm2, indoor use, white, meter CH 1.10 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 3 x1.5mm2, outdoor use, black, meter CH 1.20 5.46kg 9,216L Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 2 x 2.5mm2, indoor use, white, meter CH 3.10 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 3 x 2.5mm2, outdoor use, black, met. CH 1.50 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 2 x 4mm2, indoor use, white, meter on request 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 3 x 4mm2, outdoor use, black, meter CH 4.70 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, black, 1 x 6mm2, indoor use, meter CH 2.00 1.26kg 0,9207L Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, red, 1 x 6mm2, indoor use, metre CH 2.00 1.3kg 1,53L Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 2x6mm2, outdoor, black & red - per m on request 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. flexible, 4 x 6mm2, outdoor use, black, meter CH 7.30 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. rigid, 3 x 2.5 mm2, grey, indoor use, metre CH 220.00 0kg 0 Add
CABLE, elect. rigid, 1 x 1.5mm2, red, indoor use, meter CH 1.10 0kg 0 Add

General information

Different types of electric cables for most common usage.

The choice of the right cable depends on the place of use (indoor or outdoor), the type of installation (fixed or mobile), the maximum current in the line (recommended 5 A/mm²
= 1100W/mm²), the length of the line ( reduce to 3A/mm² above 50m length up to 100m).

Rigid cables are made with one single large copper wire, flexible cables are made with a number of very thin copper wires twisted together, making the flexible cables more expensive. Large size rigid cable are made with a few large wires twisted together, it is not recommended to use them as flexible cable.

Color international code: Neutral is blue. Earth is yellow + green, Live is red, or black, or brown.

Use rigid cables for fixed installation. Use flexible cable for extension cables or portable equipment.

For underground lines, there should be national regulation for safety marking above the cable in the trench. At least place a long lasting plastic net of red colour above the cables to warn further diggers. The cables should be of armoured type, with steel wire armour and a second coating.

The coating of the cables is made of polymer, sensitive to UV. All cables for external use should be black to ensure a longer lasting of the coating under the sunlight. In most cases a white or grey coating would last only 1 or 2 years.


Electric cables, with quality certificate from a national authorised inspection company, under the national standards.