last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
(kit 001), SET, CHLORINATION & WATER TESTING CH 722,40 30,91kg 0,29664m³ Add
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Code Description Qty
APROAPROPL APRON, plastic, large size, washable, impermable, black1
HCONBUCKP20L BUCKET, plastic with lid, 20L2
HCONJCANPF20 JERRYCAN, collapsible, 20L, food grade LDPE, screw cap3
HCOOCOUSMJ1G MEASURING JUG, 1L, graduated, shock proof transparent plast.1
HHYGGLOVKITM GLOVE, cleaning, rubber, medium1
MINSSYRD10 SYRINGE, 10 ml, 2 parts, disposable4
MINSSYRD100 SYRINGE, 100 ml, 3 parts, with catheter and Luer nose2
TVEAFUNNP160 FUNNEL, Plastic 160mm, + FILTER, ref. wurth 891 410 41
WASDCHLAZ00020 (chlore (hth) MEASURE, 15 ml30
WMEAPOOL10 POOL TESTER + accessories3
WMEAPOOL10A (pool test) TABLET DPD1 for dosing free chlorine1000
WMEAPOOL10B (pool test) TABLET DPD3 for dosing total chlorine50
WMEAPOOL10C (pool test) TABLET RED PHENOL for PH control100
WMEATURB10 TURBIDITY TUBE, for measuring turbidity, plastic, in 2 pces1