Bucket, plastic, for distribution

last updated : 2022/02/28
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BUCKET, plastic, 14L with clip cover and 50mm outlet CH 3.00 1.25kg 6,2L Add

General information

Designed by Oxfam to replace the collapsible jerrycan for emergency operations, this family or individual water container offers:

- Water storage, protected from pollution with the clipped cover and cap.

- Easy to fill up and pour with the 50mm opening.  Easy to carry by hand with a strong flat handle, on the head with a round bottom shape and a reinforcement ring.

- Efficient cleaning possible by removing the cover and having inner rounded edges.

- Stacking possibilities to lower transport costs (4320 pieces in 1 TC20ft with pallets, 4900 pieces in 1 TC20ft without pallet), 160 pieces per m³.

- Strong and durable quality for a long life span in tough conditions.

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