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Volume 1
 Warehouse and Administration
 Relief and Logistics Kits, ERU, RDU
 Personnel security equipment
 Radio and Telecommunication
 Power supply and electrical equipment
 Tools and Hardware
 Shelter and construction materials
 Vehicles and consumables
 Water and Sanitation

Volume 2
 Drug products
 Medical disposable supplies
 Medical equipment
 Cold chain
 Physical Rehabilitation

Volume 3
 Basic health care ERU
 Emergency care and triage
 Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital
 Referral hospital ERU
 Surgical hospital, weapon wounded
 Medical kits
 Feeding and nutrition Kits
 Medical sets
 Surgical instruments and sets

 Item database, codes and description
 Units conversion
 Medical weight and volume
   Registration and Distribution kits
(Relief and Logistics Kits, ERU, RDU > Kits, distribution)
last updated : 2011/01/01
Product page
CodeDescriptionInd. priceShip. weightShip. vol.
KIT, food distribution, for 50000 personson request326kg0,53m³
KIT, NON-FOOD DISTRIBUTION, for 50000 personson request173kg0,35m³
KIT, registration, for 50000 personson request53kg1,53m³

General information

One registration kit enables the registration of 50,000 people, providing each person with a distribution card for access to further food distributions.

  1. -      The kit does not include shelters or area-demarcation items. These items must be acquired locally or ordered separately.

One distribution kit includes all items for area demarcation and equipment-handling for food services.

  1. -      It does not include individual packaging items; e.g., food-ration bags. Where required, these can be ordered separately in the required quantity.
  2. -      It does not include shelter, lighting, etc.
  3. -      Red and white plastic tape is provided for area demarcation. Where unavailable, red or orange ropes, 14 to 20mm, will suffice (refer to options).


Refer to specification sheet for individual items.

Content list - Export content list (excel file)
ASECSIGNSUP1SUPPORT, area marking, free standing rope or tape support30
ASECSIGNSUP2PRONG, metal rod 20mm, 1.5m long, + hook, for area marking4
ASECSIGNTAP1TAPE, area delimitation, white/red, 50mmx500m, dispens. box500
ASTAPENSMMBKMARKER PEN, permanent, medium size, black5
EBUIPAINOW01PAINT, oil paint, white, shinning, 1l3
ETOOBRUSF025PAINT BRUSH, flat, natural bristles, 25mm3
ETOOFUNNM200FUNNEL, diam. 200 mm, metallic + metallic strainer + handle4
HCONBUCKG25BUCKET, metal, galvanised, 25l50
HCOOCOUSKNK1KNIFE, kitchen, stainless steel blade 15cm, plastic handle15
HCOOCUGLCP15CUP, plastic, with handle, 150ml2
HCOOCUGLCS50CUP, stainless steel, with handle, 500ml6
HSHETARPW406TARPAULINS, woven plastic, 4 x 6 m, white/white, piece10
RAGRTOOLMAC1MACHETTE, approx. length 500mm, wooden handle2
XMEQSCALBYPSCALE, BABY, suspended, 0-25kg x 100g, incl.4 trousers (set)1
Options / Accessories
  ROPE, POLYPROPYLENE, diam. 14 mm, twisted
  ROPE, POLYPROPYLENE, diam. 20 mm, twisted
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