Scale, baby, Salter, 0kg to 25kg

last updated : 2019/02/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SCALE, BABY, suspended, 0-25kg x 100g, incl.4 trousers (set) CH 44.47 1.415kg 6,615L Add
(scale, baby, Salter) TROUSERS CH 6.92 0.126kg 0,8832L Add

General information

To weigh children; suitable for paediatric wards, health centres, feeding centres or nutrition surveys.

Suitable for weighing ingredients for high-energy milk premixes or porridge.

Suitable for "food basket" control surveys.



Beam-and-spring type (or dial type), with two suspension hooks.


Horizontal bar can be attached to the hook, enabling older children to suspend themselves from the scale without having to use the breeches (trousers).


Hook: metal, Reading scale: plastic,  Body: metal


Breeches (trousers): cotton or plastic, washable.


Adjustment screw on top.


Graduations of 100g (for scale 0-25kg)


Practical to use, easy to transport, easy to read.


Basic components: in metal for durability.


Unit presentation: 1 scale with 4 pairs of trousers, in a hanging bag.


The breeches (trousers) must be supplied with the scale.


The following information must appear on the packaging:


- Designation of item.


- Manufacturer’s reference and serial number.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).