Hand pump, India

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
HANDPUMP, submersible, raw water, India MkIII, 4", maxi. 60m on request 244kg 0,526m³ Add
HANDPUMP, submersible, raw water, India MkIII, 4", maxi 80m on request 0kg 0 Add

General information

Lever-operated lift pump for a depth setting of up to 60 metres in a borehole, 4″ to 6″ in diameter with a 50mm cylinder.

Meets VLOM (village level operated maintenance) requirements.

A larger pump cylinder, 63.5mm in ID, is available; it can deliver higher capacity at shallower settings. Optional cylinder requires 65mm riser main.

A large-diameter suction tube reduces the sand intake into the cylinder.

Pump performance (based on 50-full-strokes/minute):

  • 50mm cylinder, depth setting at 45m: capacity 0.222 litre/stroke, output 800 litres/hour
  • 63.5mm cylinder, depth setting at 30m: capacity 0.375 litre/stroke, output 1125 litres/hour

Manual installation possible; special lifting equipment may be required for depths of over 30m.

Stainless steel pump rods and riser are required for water with a pH>6.5 or an iron content>1 ppm.


Pump cylinder assembly: brass-lined cast-iron body and end caps.

Gunmetal plunger: fitted nitrile rubber cup washer.

Injection-moulded suction and discharge valves.

Drive head: galvanized, fabricated mild steel head with chain and quadrant mechanism.

Long and heavy handlebar, counter balances the weight of the connecting rod.

Open-top cylinder design, allows extraction of plunger to check valve in situ.

Replaceable plastic bush bearings (4 per unit).

Pump-head cover to keep contaminants out of the well.

Separate assemblies for pump cylinder and drive head.

Composed of:

HAND PUMP, submersible, raw water, India MkIII, 4", maxi. 60m

50mm Ø, galvanized, mild steel rising main in 3-metre sections

12mm Ø x 3m long galvanized, mild steel pump rods with threaded couplers

Stroke length 125mm

Installation and maintenance toolkit, including special tools and spacers

1-year spare part kit including shielded bearing, chain assembly, rubber seated valves, pump cup or bucket washers, and seals

General set of operator manuals, English

Red Cross Red Crescent logo


Pump cylinder 63.5mm Ø ID

Stainless steel pump, rods, risers