Outboard engines

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
OUTBOARD ENGINE, 25HP CH 2 196,14 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN3528
OUTBOARD ENGINE, 85HP CH 6 098,24 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN3528

General information

General-use outboard boat engine, suitable for rivers, lakes or seas.

The engine size should be appropriate to the boat’s size and load capacity. The length of the shaft should be the same height as the boat’s rear panel. Refer to the boat-manufacturer’s specifications.

Fleets should be standardize for either 2-stroke or 4-strokes engines. Mixing the two can lead to confusion and human error in terms of which type of oil to use, resulting in breakdowns.


On request.

Electric start.

Remote steering and control.