Cable, coaxial

last updated : 2019/02/06
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CABLE coaxial, roll 100m, low loss 8D-FB 50 ohms diam 11.1mm CH 163,00 17,2kg 0 Add
CABLE coaxial, roll 50m, low loss 8D-FB, 50ohms, diam 11.1mm CH 57,00 8,3kg 0,011664m³ Add
(codan 3040) COAXIAL CABLE RG58, 8m, 2xPL-259, 08-01503-008 CH 47,00 0kg 0 Add
CABLE coaxial, roll of 100m RG213/U - 50 ohms, diam. 10.3mm CH 290,00 18,6kg 0,050625m³ Add
CABLE coaxial, RG58 fitted with one UHF / PL connector on request 0kg 0 Add
CABLE coaxial, roll of 100m, RG58C/U - 50 ohms, diam. 5mm CH 102,00 3,9kg 4,9158L Add
CABLE COAXIAL, 70 cm RG58/U with 2xUHF str. male con.-50ohms CH 8,80 0kg 0 Add
CABLE COAXIAL, 70 cm RG58/U with 2x N str male con. 50 ohms CH 14,00 0,4kg 1,4 L Add
CABLE COAXIAL, 70 cm RG58/U - 1xUHF male & 1xBNC male-50ohms CH 8,00 0kg 0 Add

General information

Coaxial cable 8D-FB is a low-loss antenna cable for a fixed-installation VHF, a HF log-per and hi-powered radio installations. It usually comes in 50m rolls.

Coaxial cable RG 213 is an older type, same usage as above. It is more flexible and less fragile, but has more loss. It usually comes in 100m rolls.

Coaxial cable RG 58 is a general HF antenna cable, up to 100 watts. It usually comes in 100m rolls.

Recommended type:

  • HF fixed station: 8D-FB / RG58
  • HF mobile: RG58
  • VHF fixed station: 8D-FB
  • VHF mobile: RG58


Impedance, all cables:

50Ω (ohm)

Coaxial cable 8D-FB:

external diameter 13mm, double-shielded, foam dielectric insulation, ridge wire

Coaxial cable RG 213:

external diameter 13mm, single copper-braid shield, semi-flexible inner conductor, polyethylene dielectric insulation

Coaxial cable RG 58:

external diameter 6mm, single braid shield, flexible, polyethylene isolation