Mask, high protection

last updated : 2018/12/31
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General information

Mask to cover the lower half of the face (nose-mouth-chin), sealed for maximum water and air tightness and equipped with a highly effective filter, to protect health personnel and patients against contaminating particles (bacteria, virus).

Referred to as an anti-discharge, anti-penetration and high-filtration masks.


Generally referred to as a filtering facepiece respirator.



nonwoven fabric

Mask, made of 3 layers:

- 1st layer: Outer layer: polypropylene with anti-penetration film, waterproof, polyethylene.


- 2nd layer: Filter: polypropylene.


- 3 rd layer: Inner layer: polyethylene and polyester.


- Well-ventilated, waterproof and airtight, respirator mask.


- Nose bar: Aluminium, malleable: length 14cm, width 0.5cm.


- Strong elastic polyurethane strap, allows the mask to be secured at the top of head and behind the neck.

Technical specifications:

Meets American specification norm N95 (US NIOSH certification) or European norm EN 149: 2001 FFP2 (CE certification).


- Total leakage: <8%


- Penetration of filtering material: <6%


- Particle Filtration Efficiency: PFE (0.1µ) >99%


- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:  BFE ((0.3µ)>99%


- Breathing resistance: <2mm H20/cm2


- Easy breathing, anti-mist.


- Without a valve.


- Colour: yellow or orange.

Unit presentation:

1 respirator mask, non-sterile, single-use


Dispenser box with 50 units.


Product name, size, reference number, lot number, expiry date, manufacturer’s name and address, CE mark and reference number of notifying body or US N95.