(kit nutrition, outpatient 500/3m) SET, MEDICAL MATERIAL s.u

last updated : 2017/09/06
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(kit nutrition, outpatient 500/3m) SET, MEDICAL MATERIAL s.u on request 0kg 0 Add
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Code Description Qty
MCTDTFEE06 TUBE, FEEDING, CH 06, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable10
MCTDTFEE08 TUBE, FEEDING, CH 08, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable10
MCTDTFEE10 TUBE, FEEDING, CH 10, Luer tip, 50 cm, disposable10
MDRETADSP02 TAPE, ADHESIVE PAPER, 2.5 cm x 10 m, roll6
MINSCNTR2P CONTAINER, SAFETY, for used syringes & needles, polypro.2l50
MINSIVCA22 IV CANNULA, G 22, 0.9 x 25 mm, teflon, with inj. site, blue100
MINSIVCA24 IV CANNULA, G 24, 0.7 x 19 mm, teflon, with inj. site,yellow100
MINSNEEDH19 NEEDLE, HYPODERMIC, G 19, 1.1 x 40 mm, cream, IV, disp.100
MINSNEEDH21 NEEDLE, HYPODERMIC, G 21, 0.8 x 40 mm, green, IM/IV, disp.100
MINSNEEDH23 NEEDLE, HYPODERMIC, G 23, 0.6 x 30 mm, blue, IM/IV, disp.100
MINSNEEDV25 NEEDLE, SCALP VEIN, G 25, 0.5 x 19 mm, orange100
MINSSTOP1 STOPPER, closing cone, luer, male/female, sterile, disp.50
MINSSYRD1 SYRINGE, 1 ml, 0.01 ml graduation, disposable100
MINSSYRD10 SYRINGE, 10 ml, 2 parts, disposable100
MINSSYRD2 SYRINGE, 2 ml, 2 parts, disposable200
MINSSYRD5 SYRINGE, 5 ml, 2 parts, disposable200
MINSSYRDF50L SYRINGE, FEEDING, 50 ml, Luer tip, sterile, disp60