Solar lamp, for distribution

last updated : 2022/02/28
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
LAMP, SOLAR led for familly - Li-ion battery on request 0.151kg 0 Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 3481

General information

Weather proof and shockproof solar lamp. This lamp is meant for distribution as an Essential Household Item, for family usage.

Time to charge: 12 hours sun light.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries only.

Lithium-ion requires declaration for transport of dangerous goods, under UN3481.

Lifespan: 2 years minimum in daily use.

Shelf life: 5 years when kept in original packaging between –10°C and 50°C. The lights are delivered with partially charged batteries, it is recommended to re-charge the batteries before use to insure full maximum power. When stored fully charged, the batteries will hold charge for approximately 1 year, slowly discharging.


Lamp, solar:

Rechargeable by solar panel and 220 V (cable and charger must be provided with the lamp, charger can be integrated or separate)

General quality:

Up to the highest industry standards.


Female USB outlet, to charge a mobile phone.

Female Micro-USB inlet for connecting the solar panel or the charger


2 positions only, high beam and low beam.

Battery charging indicator light


Casing made of  shockproof plastic


Rain resistant

Charge cycles:

Low Self Discharge, 500+ charges

Battery protection:

Automatic protection against deep battery discharge and overcharge

Light output angle:

360 degrees, omnidirectional

Total Lux:

See table below

Solar panel:

Integrated or separate (with a 3m cord with male Micro-USB connector to connect to the Micro-USB inlet of the lamp or to charge a mobile phone).

Time to fully charge:

12h maximum bright sun light

Charging outlet (USB-A) performances:

Outlet minimum voltage with no load: 5V


Outlet minimum current with load: 0.4A at 4.5V


Outlet minimum available energy: 3.5Wh


Outlet minimum available energy after 4 hours charge starting from 100% discharged battery: 1Wh

Fixation system:

Foldable handle, hook, strap or other mechanism to suspend the lamp e.g. from tent pole or branch.


Wrapped in soft cardboard for protection  (no


plastic bags), packed in an individual strong cardboard box.


IATA packaging compliant with lithium-ion batteries regulation.


recommendation to recycle batteries


Brightness test

High brightness (duration test: 3 hours). Charging time: 12 hours. Unit: Lux

Minimum average brightness at full light at beginning:


Minimum average brightness at full light after 2h:


Minimum average brightness at full light after 3h:


Low brightness (duration test: 6 hours). Charging time: 12 hours. Unit: Lux

Minimum average brightness at low light after 4h:


Minimum average brightness at low light after 6h:



Measuring conditions:

For both low and high brightness, the sensor is placed at 1m distance from the lamp, on the same surface where the lamp is standing.