Fitting kit for rigid water tanks

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, FITTINGS, 3", for 3 rigid corrugated water tanks CH 957.88 159kg 0,61m³ Add

General information

This kit is used to connect 3 rigid tanks (Oxfam type) together and to a network.

This kit works with all types of standard rigid water tanks.

However, the 30m-hose, included in the kit, is only long enough to connect 3 tanks. Extra hose length must be ordered separately. Hoses can also be purchased locally.


Refer to specifications in individual item sheets for pipes, connectors, band clips, etc.

KWATTANKRFI3 Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
EHDWBACLH080 BAND CLIP, for hose pipe, high torque, 80-100mm18
EHDWBOLTS161 STUD, galva, d:16mm, L: 100mm4
EHDWNUTSGH16 NUT, GALVANISED, for 16 mm diam. bolt, hexagonal8
EHDWWASHFL16 WASHER, FLAT, galva. for 16 mm diam. bolt8
WNECBRCA3M3T COUPLING, BRASS, ADAPTOR, thread. male 3" to hosetail 3"12
WNECCOCP3M90 COUPLING, COMPRESSION, thread male 3" to pipe d.ext.: 90mm1
WNECIRFL3G (3" flange) GASKET, 2mm thick rubber, 4 holes 10mm2
WNECIRFL3M FLANGE, counterplate, 3", 4 plain holes d: 10mm1
WNECIRFL3M90 CONNECTOR, 3", pipe L:90mm threaded male, flanged, 4 x M101
WNECPVBB80FF COUPLING, PVC, BEND, 3" ND80, NP6, threaded fem/fem1
WNECPVCP80F COUPLING, PVC, CAP, 3" ND80, NP6, threaded fem2
WNECPVNN80FF COUPLING, PVC, NIPPLE, 3" ND80, NP6, threaded male/male11
WNECPVTT80FFF COUPLING, PVC, TEE, 3" ND80, NP6, threaded fem/fem/fem2
WNEHPVRI8005 PIPE, PVC, RIGID, 3" ND80, NP6, L: 500mm, thre. male one end1
WNEHPVSP320 HOSE, PVC flexible spiralled, suction/delivery, 3" x 20m1
WTOOSEALTEFL SEAL TAPE, 'Teflon', for water connectors, roll 12mm x 12m2