Water pump, electrical, drainage/dewatering

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, PUMP, end-suction solid handling, 2" + 6.5kW Generator CH 5,719.67 200kg 0,85m³ Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN3528

General information

Electrical pump 2 inch /1.85 kW with diesel generator, Lombardini 6L D400 engine.

  • Specify the type of engine on your order if different from the Lombardini type.

This pump accepts water with solids up to 50mm in diameter, raw water and sewage.


Standard engine:

Lombardini 6LD435 (Diesel)/5.5 kW at 3000 rpm.

Alternative engines:

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard (petrol)/6kW at 3000rpm

Lister LT1 (Diesel)/5.6kW at 3000rpm

Hatz 1B40-1 (Diesel)/6.2 kW at 3000rpm

Engine specifications:

4-stroke petrol or diesel; single cylinder; not turbo charged; air-cooled; variable speed control; recoil manual start; dry air filter; exhaust silencer; oil and fuel filters; low oil-level security shutdown; hour counter; 4-litre fuel tank (provides 3 hours running time). Alternator with circuit breaker, earth leakage strip. Auto-inducted, single bearing, brushless.



suitable for raw water supply, de-sludging, dewatering and sewage pumping; cast-iron single-stage centrifugal solids-handling pump; cast-iron high-efficiency, clog-resistant (sewage type) open impeller; tandem mechanical seals running in oil bath; 50mm-maximum solids handling; free-standing with cook anti-dive plate; fitted 25m-ray proof cable and plug plus 20m extension cable with connectors.

Other features:

Engine close coupled with alternator. Mounted on anti-vibration mounts inside robust tubular steel roll-over frame, with 2 wheels.

Content list



Electrical pump, end-suction, drainage, gen. purpose, solid handling 50mm, 2”/5.5kW


Generator, Lombardini 6LD435, 220V/5.5kW


Complete set of operator manuals in English and/or French


20 m 2 ” lay flat PVC delivery hose with ‘Storz’ coupling and sliding collar


20 m rope


5L engine oil


20L steel jerrycan in diesel version, or 5lt plastic jerrican in petrol version


Funnel with filter/gauze


spare parts kit: Standard Lombardini engine spare parts kit including


Wooden box with Red Cross /Crescent logo painted in red on white background.