Cordless drill

last updated : 2019/03/20
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
DRILL-FASTENER, cordless 14,4 V 4 Ah-li, type BL1440, 13mm CH 346.60 5.362kg 0,016m³ Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 3481
KIT, CORDLESS DRILL, 14V, with drive bits and drill bits CH 477.00 6.5kg 0,023256m³ Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 3481

General information

Drill for light duty. Drill capacity is 25mm in wood and 10mm in steel.

Drive bits for all type of star head screws.

Delivered with 2 batteries and fast charger for continuous operation.

Other types with lower voltage not recommended as often too weak.

The drill bits supplied in the kit can drill metals, masonry, plastics, wood,…


Good quality tools for long term intensive use.

Voltage: 14.4V

Single sleeve 10mm automatic chuck

High torque mode 28nm (370 in-lbs)

Max speed, low range 0-400rpm, high range 0-1400rpm

20 Position Clutch

Variable-speed trigger

Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle

2 x 2.0A-h Battery - BAT140

1 x 30-Minute Single Bay Charger - BC130

1 x Double-ended Bit

1 set of 19 screwdriver bits, Philips, Pozidriv, Torx, Slot, Hexagonal male

1 set of 4 drill bits, multi-materials, 4,5,6,8mm

3 drive bits, socket for hexagonal 6,8,10mm bolts

Carrying Case