KIT, VHF, Kenwood, Handset

last updated : 2019/03/19
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KIT, VHF KENWOOD NX220E2, HANDSET, dPMR, lim keypad, 2 batt. CH 292.50 0kg 0 Add
Dangerous : DGR-UN 3481 PI966, Section II

General information

VHF portable transceiver

Capable of digital and analogue communication

Can be used with or without repeater

Current standard has limited keypad, since extended keypad is deemed of limited use or no use for almost all applications

Firmware for digital communication according to dPMR standard

Capable of using NXDN digital communication, but will require a firmware change (flashing)

The kit is composed of one NX-220E2 transceiver, 2 batteries, a battery charger, a general purpose antenna, belt clip and the user manual.

The kit now contains 2 batteries to alleviate the problem of transporting spare batteries (UN DGR regulations allow relatively easy transport with the radio, but are very restrictive for spare batteries without the radio)

The standard NX220E2 handset is delivered with one KRA22M (146-162MHz range) short antenna.

Various other models of VHF antennas exist, covering different frequency ranges. The range covered by each individual antenna is given by the colour of an identifier ring at the bottom of the antenna (top of the screw thread): a BROWN identifier is used for the 136 - 150MHz range, a RED identifier is used for the 146 - 162MHz range, and an ORANGE identifier is used for the 162 - 174MHz range.

For each frequency range, there are two types of antenna lengths available: one short “low profile” antenna (110.0mm) and one long antenna (167.5mm).

Purchase via HQ recommended (compulsory for ICRC). If local purchase, please make sure it has the suitable firmware to support either dPMR (ICRC standard), or NXDN (not ICRC standard)

Installation tool: KENWOOD NXx20 – Programming cable handset KPG-22U - USB

Additional information:



Standard for ICRC is firmware for dPMR (instead of NXDN)

Frequency Range

136-174 MHz

Channel Spacing

25/20/12.5/6.25 kHz

Number of Channels


RF Power Output

5W / 1W (High/Low)

VHF Antenna types

136-150MHz Range (BROWN identifier)

  • Short (110.0mm): KRA-22M3
  • Long (167.5mm): KRA-26M3

146-162MHz Range (RED identifier)

  • Short (110.0mm): KRA-22M
  • Long (167.5mm): KRA-26M

162-174MHz Range (ORANGE identifier)

  • Short (110.0mm): KRA-22M2
  • Long (167.5mm): KRA-26M2


56 x 110.5 x 37.5 mm


305g (transceiver with KNB-55L battery)

List of content

1                                       KENWOOD NX-220E2 TRANSCEIVER

2  CVFPTXTRKNB55L                       KENWOOD NXx20 spare battery Li-ion 1500 mAh - KNB-55L

1  CVFPTXTRNX20CHR                       KENWOOD NXx20 single battery rapid charger - 230V Euro adapt

1  CVFPANTEKRA22M                       KENWOOD, NX220 VHF antenna - KRA22M - 146 - 162 MHz


Spare parts and Accessories

CVFPANTEKR22M2  KENWOOD, NX220 VHF antenna - KRA22M2 - 162 - 174 MHz

CVFPANTEKR22M3  KENWOOD, NX220 VHF antenna - KRA22M3 - 136 - 150 MHz

CVFPANTEKR26M2  KENWOOD, NX220 VHF antenna    KRA26M2 - 162-174Mhz

CVFPANTEKR26M3  KENWOOD NX220 VHF antenna - KRA26M3 - 136 - 150 MHz

CVFPANTEKRA22M  KENWOOD, NX220 VHF antenna - KRA22M - 146 - 162 MHz

CVFPANTENX220-1  KENWOOD, NX220 VHF antenna - KRA26M - 146 - 162 MHz

CVFPTXTRKMC45   KENWOOD, KMC-45W speaker/mic with clip (IP55) water and dustp

CVFPTXTRKMC48  KENWOOD, handset speaker microphone KMC-48 with GPS

CVFPTXTRKNB55L  KENWOOD NXx20 spare battery Li-ion 1500 mAh - KNB-55L, DGR UN 3480, PI965, Section II, Cargo Aircraft only

CVFPTXTRKPG22U  KENWOOD NXx20 - Programming cable handset KPG-22U – USB

CVFPTXTRNX20CAS  (kenwood NX220) LEATHER CASE, HeavyDuty w. swivel, belt loop

CVFPTXTRNX20CHR  KENWOOD NXx20 single battery rapid charger - 230V Euro adapt

CVFPTXTRNX20MBA  KENWOOD NXx20 multi-unit battery charger, for 6 handsets

Installation tools

CVFPTXTRKPG22U  KENWOOD NXx20 - Programming cable handset KPG-22U – USB


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