Container, infectious substances for transport

last updated : 2011/01/01
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
CONTAINER transport, INFECT SUBSTANCE, 1L class 6.2 UN 2814 CH 48,00 2kg 8L Add

General information

A bio-container used to ship infectious substances (items identified as class 6, division 6.2. in IATA regulation).



Outside layer, cardboard case


Reinforced with 2 cardboard plates on all 4 sides and the top


ll Plastic container: watertight, airtight and dustproof


Container closure: tap screw type with gasket seal


1 absorbing tissue: 160x280mm


External dimensions: 200x200x200mm


Internal dimensions: 100x100x1000mm


Transport at room temperature: +15 to +30ÂșC