Measuring Board: Height meter 20-207cm

last updated : 2011/01/01
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HEIGHT METER, 20-207cm, graduation 1mm, foldable CH 230,00 5,7kg 0,0588m³ Add

General information

Height must be established in order to measure statural growth and corpulence. In adults, height is often measured for use with an index (such as a BMI) to determine nutritional status; in adolescents the Weight for Height index (W/H index) is used.

The device is not very stable; however, a wooden construction, as opposed to plastic, is more stable but heavier.

Used in hospitals, prisons and clinics.


Mobile device for measuring length; not suitable for children under 3 years of age.




Dimensions  (WxHxD):

6 x 2116 x 419 mm





Measuring range:

20 - 207cm


- Has a 4-part measuring rod:


1: 20 to 60.5cm  


2: 60.5 to 110.5cm


3: 110.5 to 160.5cm


4: 160.5 to 210.5cm


- Graduation scale of 1mm, printed along both sides of the rod.


- Footboard: large with carrying handle.


- Measuring slide with large headboard.


- Compact presentation for transport: all elements fit inside the footboard volume.

Carrying bag:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 660 x 370 x 450mm, weight 2.6kg.


Adjustable shoulder strap, 2 side handles.


Internal pockets for documents or other equipment.


Materials: robust fabric, water-repellent.


Carton, 1 unit delivered disassembled, with assembly instruction.


Product name, manufacturer's reference number and address, and CE mark and reference number of notifying body.

Other requirements:

Complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC: medical devices class I with measuring function.


Assembly instructions.