Tomato paste, canned

last updated : 2011/01/01
Code Description Ind. price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
TOMATO PASTE, 24% concentrate, canned, 200g on request 0,22kg 0,286L Add

General information

This is a concentrated tomato product, made from fresh tomatoes, without any other additives than salt, sugar, spices and flavour.

Tomato paste concentration level varies from a minimum of 7% for a tomato purée to 36% minimum for triple concentrate. The item described here is a standard 24% concentrate.  This indicates the percentage of dry matter in the product.

Several small containers are preferable to one large container.

Specifications vary with national regulations.  Here below, we give our most commonly used specifications.

Refer to HQ when offered specifications differ from our standard specifications.  It will need to be approved by a food specialist.

Importation of food is always subject to acceptance from the national authorities, based on their national specifications; check these before purchasing.

Impact on the local, national, or regional market availability and prices should be carefully looked at before purchasing large quantities.


For all aspects of the product, unless described otherwise here below, the standard of Codex Alimentarius last edition applies, including the packaging.

  1. -      Product must be fit for human consumption and be of sound, fair and marketable quality.
  2. -      For laboratory test, provide minimum 5 tins per batch.

TOMATO PASTE, 24% concentrate, canned, long preservation

Tomato concentrate made from fresh, sound and good marketable quality ripe tomatoes only.

Salt, sugar, spices and flavours only can be added on request.

Product must be a homogeneous paste, without visible tomato skin and seeds residue.

Dry matter, excluding salt

24 % minimum.

Total acidity, citric acid

10% of dry matter.

Volatile acidity, acetic acid

1 % of dry matter.


4.6 maximum


Maximum 70% positive fields on an 8% dilution in water, as per EEC regl. 1764/86 and 1593/98.

Stability test

No pressure increase, no pH difference more than 0.5, no microbiological growth after 7 days under ISO7218.

Analysis of contaminants must state that the canned tomato paste is "fit for human consumption".

- Shelf live minimum 3 years from manufacturing date.

- Production date less than 1 year at date of delivery.

- One batch can be maximum 24h continuous production


Primary packaging

Food grade can of net weight as per order hermetically sealed, showing no sign of corrosion at the welded joints or inside, and no deformation.

Can to offer easy opening system, or to be delivered with folded can opener.


Secondary packaging

In export carton boxes of double corrugation of 10kg net.

Cartons to resist without any damage 6m high stacking for 6 months without deterioration, and a minimum of 10 manual handlings.

The sealing of the outer box is with glue, 50mm tape or strapping, capable of resisting a tropical climate (humidity and sunshine) for six months.  Tape overlaps of 10cm minimum.



As per Codex STAN 1.

Each can to be marked with a label showing:

-      Name of the product

-      Name of the manufacturer

-      List of ingredients

-      List of nutritional values

-      Lot/Batch identification (can be date of production if day is included)

-      Free from culturally restricted components

-      Net content weight in g

-      Date of production printed or stamped on the can

-      Date of minimum durability, declared as "best before" printed or stamped on the can

Each carton box, same as above plus number of pieces per box.


Minimum documentation required for quality assurance from the supplier.

To be established by an official body:

-      Certificate of inspection

-      Health Certificate

-      Weight and Quality Certificate

-      Certificate stating whether GMOs may be included in the product

-      Non-radioactivity Certificate

Other documentation needs to be provided according to the purchase agreement.