Drum, sterilisation, lateral eclipses

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
DRUM, STERILIZING, 10 cm, diam.15 cm, lateral elipses CH 51.05 0.42kg 3,5L Add
DRUM, STERILIZING, 15cm, Ø 15cm, lateral elipses CH 125.90 0kg 0 Add
DRUM, STERILIZING, 16 cm, diam. 29 cm, lateral elipses CH 111.23 1.72kg 0,0102752m³ Add
DRUM, STERILIZING, 24 cm, diam.34 cm, lateral elipses CH 338.66 2.6kg 0,029161125m³ Add
DRUM, STERILIZING, 24 cm, diam.29 cm, lateral elipses CH 299.02 2.2kg 0,021025m³ Add

General information

Used to sterilize and store dressings materials (compresses, cotton, etc.), medical equipment and operating theatre linens and towels.


Also called a Schimmelbusch sterilization drum.

Materials: stainless steel

Cylindrical container with attached lid and lateral ellipses (lateral ventilation).



Drum Size

Lateral openings per drum for vapour penetration


Ext. Ø: 15cm 

Height: 10cm

5 minimum: distance between each openings ±6.6cm

   Each opening has 12 small holes

   Each hole Ø 1.5-2.0mm


Ext. Ø: 29cm 

Height: 16cm

8 minimum: distance between each openings 9.5cm

   Each opening has24 small holes

   Each hole  Ø 1.5-2.0mm


Ext. Ø: 34cm

Height: 24cm

9  minimum: distance between each openings 10cm

Each opening has 48 small holes

Each hole Ø 1.5-2.0mm


- For dressings, compresses:                        

   XSTEDRUM1015E:  can be used in 24-litre autoclave (5 drums); 39-litre autoclave (10 drums)

- For dressing materials, small medical equipment:

   XSTEDRUM1629E 39L autoclave (2 drums)

- For small linens and medical equipment:

   XSTEDRUM2434E 39L autoclave (1drum)



1 unit in a plastic bag in a small carton.


The following must appear on the packaging:


- Designation of items.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer)..