Autoclave, combined, 90L, electrical and kerosene

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General information

Autoclave for hospital structures performing surgical activities, in outlying hospital or emergency surgical set-ups where running water and sources of energy are scarce.



Lid, chamber, bottom grid: stainless steel


Gasket: silicone.


An autoclave is a strong container used for high-pressure steam sterilization.


Manually-operated 90-litre single-chamber vertical autoclave, designed to function on 3 different types of energy sources (gas, kerosene and electricity) and no running water. The energy sources can be used separately or in combination, according to the power supply situation.


The autoclave is delivered with a pressure kerosene burner.


- Power supply:


Electricity 220-380V


Electrical system has a manual switch enabling it to be adapted to a 4500W, 3000W or 1500W power source.


Kerosene or gas


- Container:


Volume: 90 litres


Internal chamber size: 400x700mm


Valves: different colour-coded gates, to facilitate procedures


Steam exchanger: regulating valve with a counterweight of a 1.2 bar or 2.2 bar


Drying system: surface condensation (condenses exhaust steam through contact with cold metallic surfaces - oil)


It can run an autoclave without running water.


Lid: manual locking system.


Delivered with service and operator’s manual: English and French.


Unit presentation: Each autoclave is delivered with the following items:


- 2 stainless steel sterilization baskets


- 1 GASKET, for cover type OPA, since 2001


- 1 HEATING ELEMENT, 4.5kW, 230/400V


- 1 BURNER, KEROSENE, with foot pump


- 2 DRUM, STERILIZING, 16cm, diameter 29cm, lateral ellipse


- 2 DRUM, STERILIZING, 24cm, diameter 34cm, lateral ellipse


- User and maintenance manual: French and English


Serial number should be written on the outside packaging.


Packed in a solid wooden case, waterproof.


Weight of autoclave, packed: 240kg


Size of autoclave, packed: 0.92x0.92x1.80m: 1.53m³


Always mention the autoclave’s serial number when ordering spare parts.