last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
RETRACTOR, HOOK, NERVE, 16 cm x 9 mm, blunt CH 25,50 0,028kg 0,016L Add
RETRACTOR, HOOK, SKIN, BARSKY, 15 cm, single prong, sharp CH 21,39 0,018kg 0,00375L Add

General information

Used in delicate surgeries: the sharp hook is used to retract skin or the trachea and the blunt hook is used for nerves or tendons.



Austenitic steel.


Hand retractor with a sharp or blunt hook.


Nerve hook, 20.20.59: single, blunt-pronged, 9mm.


- handle length: 16cm.


Skin hook, 20.35.01: single, small-pronged, sharp.


- handle length: 15cm.


Unit presentation: individually, in protective packaging.


The following should appear on the packaging:


- Designation of the instrument.


- Name and address and supplier (manufacturer).