Suction tube, metal, chrome plated, Frazier, Yankauer, Poole

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
SUCTION TUBE, FRAZIER, CH 12, 12.5 cm, angular CH 19,58 0,04kg 0,072L Add
SUCTION TUBE, YANKAUER, 28 cm, standard CH 10,16 0,084kg 0,28L Add
SUCTION TUBE, POOLE, 22 cm/diam. 8 mm, curved CH 8,29 0,056kg 0,066L Add

General information

Used for aspirating fluids during an operation.

09.83.32: fine surgery.

09.85.00: general surgery.

09.88.23: abdominal surgery; has a removable perforated section to prevent obstruction.



Austenitic steel.


Suction tube.


Distal end of the cannula must be atraumatic.


Frazier, 09.83.32: angled suction tube, straight tube connection, CH12, length 12.5cm, diameter 4mm.


Yankauer, 09.85.00: curved suction tube, chrome-plated, removable suction tip, straight tube connection, CH14, length 28cm.


Poole, 09.88.23: double (inner and outer) straight suction tube, chrome-plated, with removable outer tube (screws off), angled connection, CH24, length 22cm, diameter 8mm.


Unit presentation: individually, in protective packaging.


The following should appear on the packaging:


- Designation of the instrument.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).


The cannula diameter should match that of the tube connected to the aspiration jar.