Trolley, dressing, 60 x 43cm 2 shelves

last updated : 2018/12/31
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TROLLEY, DRESSING, 60 x 43cm. 2 shelves, inox CH 128,81 11kg 0,24252m³ Add

General information

Basic trolley for dressing material; suitable for health centres, hospital wards and maternities.


Trolley model does not have side rails; it has a knockdown construction permitting compact folding for transport.

Materials & components:

Frame and shelves: 18/10 stainless steel, bright polished or satined finish.

Technical data:

Assembled dimensions: L600 x W430 x H940mm.


Shelves and tray: fenced with a guard rail on one side (along width)


Dimensions: height from floor to first shelve 430mm, to second shelve 820mm.


Thickness approx. 1.5mm.


Tube size: diameter approx. 25mm.


Wheels or castors: diameter 75-100mm with 95mm rubber bumper.


Load capacity: approx. 150kg


Weight: approx. 10kg

Unit presentation:

Individually packed, with tools and clear multilingual assembly instructions (in French, English and Spanish) included.


The following information should appear on the outside packaging:


- Designation of item, multilingual: French, English and Spanish.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).

Other requirements:

Must be resistant to corrosion (suitable for tropical environments) and decontamination (with chlorine solution).