Stand, infusion

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
STAND, INFUSIONS,5 legs on wheels, 4 hooks. CH 97,68 7kg 0,04914m³ Add

General information

To suspend intravenous fluids. It can also be used to elevate an arm (in an arm bag).

Technical Specifications

Mobile infusion stand on 5 castors, adjustable height.


Base, supports column and hook: 18/10 CrNi steel.


Wheel insert: aluminium


Wheel: rubber


Frame: brightly polished or satin finishing. 


- Base: heavy base on 5 antistatic swivel castors.                


Branches: square tube 25x25mm, 600mm width.


Castors: Ø 50mm


- Support column: solid mechanism to which the upper pole is fixed; the pole has an adjustable height up to 2000mm.


Standard sleeve: diameter 30mm, height 1000mm with stainless steel locking sleeve.


Serum rods: diameter 16mm, height1000mm  


- Hook: 4 hooks welded together on the top of the serum rod.

Authorized load:

12kg (3kg per hook)

Unit presentation:

Knock-down presentation, delivered with clear instructions and diagrams for assembly, includes accessories and parts list, and assembly-specific tools.


Individually packaged in a carton 145x69x5cm.


CE mark, manufacturer’s conformity certificate.