Tourniquet, latex

last updated : 2019/02/17
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TOURNIQUET, LATEX, min. 50 cm x 2 cm CH 1.13 0.9kg 5,12L Add

General information

The latex tourniquet is a constricting device usedto control venous circulation to an extremity, for a period of time, when doing venous punctures.

Reusable medical device.



Natural rubber.


Strap: semi-rigid, elastic and tubular.


Size: length 50cm, width 2cm, wall thickness 0.8-1mm.


Must withstand disinfection with 0.1% active chlorine.


Can be steam sterilized at 121°C/15min.

Unit presentation:

1 tourniquet.


Protective plastic bag.

Other requirements:

Hygienically clean for medial use.


Note: Purchased in rolls and cut to size.