Thermometer, medical

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General information

For measuring temperatures: rectal, oral or axillary.

Note: IATA regulations restrict the transport of mercury thermometers on airplanes. Mercury thermometers should be avoided due to environment concerns. This thermometer type does not come under IATA regulations.



Glass and gallium.


Clinical thermometer, without mercury.






Length: 115 ± 5mm.


Width: 14 ± 3mm.


Minimum temperature: 35°C.


Maximum temperature: 42°C.


Graduations in Celsius every 0.1°C, with major graduations every 1°C; printed on a central metallic or plastic bar (scale), on which the glass tube is mounted.


Gallium column: glass tube of 1.2mm in external diameter and an 0.8mm internal diameter; the bottom is coloured in order to contrast, making reading easier


Should have a plastic case.


Primary unit: protective case with plastic housing at the bottom to protect the Gallium reservoir, the most fragile end of the thermometer.


20 pieces per carton.