Stethoscope, double cup

last updated : 2019/02/17
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
STETHOSCOPE, Adult, (dual-headchestpiece) CH 73,63 0,366kg 0,693L Add
STETHOSCOPE, Neonatal, (dual-head chestpiece) CH 41,38 0,2kg 1,056L Add
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STETHOSCOPE, Pediatric, (dual-head chestpiece) CH 42,08 0,2kg 1,056L Add
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General information

For auscultation (chest, abdomen, etc.) and, combined with a sphygmomanometer, for the measurement of arterial blood pressure.



Chest piece with two cups: flat and conical.


Y-shaped tube


Adjustable arms with flexible spring.


Two earpieces.


Pivoting chest piece: aluminium, stainless steel or chrome plated brass.


All-frequency diaphragms in high-resolution epoxy glass.


Y-tube: treated rubber (vinyl).


Arms and spring: stainless steel.


Earpieces: plastic.


Instrument used for sound auscultations within the body.


Binaural stethoscope with a receiving plate into which the two flexible ear-tubes converge.


Double cup stethoscope with pivoting chest piece: one side of the cup is large and flat-shaped and the other small and conical-shaped (bell).


Arms with spring, designed to retain constant springiness and maximum reliability and comfort.


Screw-on replaceable earpieces.


Y-tube with large diameter: 10mm.



Can be used for adults (large side) and in paediatrics (bell side).


Size: adult 43mm, paediatric 28mm, overall length +/- 77cm.


Sensitivity 3.2dB, ranging from 50 to 500Hz for cardiology.


Sensitivity 8.1dB, ranging from 600Hz to 1500Hz for pneumology.




Paediatric size: flat 35mm, bell 28mm, overall length76.5cm, Duplex® baby

Frequency analysis:


20Hz to 100 Hz max. 3.85dB at 100Hz


100 Hz to1500Hz max. 14.3dB at 300Hz




Neonatal size: flat: 28mm,bell 21mm. Overall length: 76cm Duplex® neonatal: Frequency analysis:


20Hz to 100Hz max. 1.2dB at 55Hz


100Hz to 1,500Hz max. 8.5dB at 300Hz



Unit presentation: Supplied in a box with replacement diaphragms (large and small) and 1 pair of replacement earpieces.


Unit presentation: Supplied in plastic or cardboard box.


The following information must appear on the packaging:


- Designation of item.


- Name and address of supplier (manufacturer).


-Manufacturer’s certificate of guarantee and accompanying instructions, enclosed inside the packaging.