Tourniquet, pneumatic, complete, with arm cuff, leg cuff and hand pump manometer

last updated : 2018/12/31
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TOURNIQUET, PNEUMATIC, with cuff leg/arm + pump/manometer CH 194,04 1,24kg 5,022L Add

General information

Used in regional intravenous anaesthetics or to limit blood loss in extremity surgery. Apply after emptying venous blood with an Esmach bandage; use sufficient pressure in the double air chamber otherwise it will cause blood congestion. Time limitation: 1 hour. Start and end times need to be recorded!



Hand pump with manometer.


Chrome-plated manometer with specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm.


Aluminium scale


Graduated to 700mmHg

Complete tourniquet:

- 1 arm cuff: 57x9cm (washable plastic material)


- 1 leg cuff: 96x12.5cm (washable plastic material)


- 1 hand-pump manometer


- Tubes and connectors


Inflatable rubber bladder, surrounded by a large band of material.


One rubber tube, connected to pump manometer.


Protective wrapping.


Provided in sets.


Instructions for use to be included inside the packaging.