Water purification powder

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
WATER PURIFICATION AGENT, for 1L of water on request 0kg 0 Add
WATER PURIFICATION AGENT, for 10L of water on request 0kg 0 Add
FLOCUL. + DISINF. 'CHLOR-FLOC', fr wat. tr., 1kg for 5000L CH 10.88 1.12kg 1,97L Add
FLOCUL. + DISINF. 'CHLOR-FLOC', for 1L water tr., tab. on request 0kg 0 Add
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General information

Sedimentation and disinfection agent for raw water.

WaterMaker ‘Chlor-Floc’ and PUR ’Purifier of Water’ sachets contain coagulants, flocculent aids and absorbents; these effectively removes suspended solids and colouring from water. They also contains a disinfectant.


Chlor-Floc WaterMaker

PUR: Purifier of Water