Gloves, examination

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
GLOVE, EXAMINATION, LATEX, non sterile, large (8-9) CH 0.04 0.005kg 0,02392L Add
GLOVE, EXAMINATION, LATEX, non sterile, medium (7-8) CH 0.04 0.002kg 0,02392L Add
GLOVE, EXAMINATION, NITRILE, non sterile, medium (7-8) CH 0.03 0kg 0 Add
Controlled Temp : Storage +2 to +30°C
GLOVE, EXAMINATION, LATEX, non sterile, small (6-7) CH 0.04 0.5kg 1,32L Add
GLOVE, EXAMINATION, VINYL, non sterile, large (8-9) CH 0.03 0kg 0 Add
Item to be justified
GLOVE, EXAMINATION, LATEX, non ste., extra-ext.large (10-11) CH 0.05 0kg 0 Add

General information

Non-sterile disposable medical gloves, intended for medical examinations, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and for handling soiled medical devices.



Ambidextrous powdered glove composed of 5 fingers, a palm and a sleeve.


Natural latex


Powder: resorbable maize starch


Ambidextrous: fits either hand


Meets European norm EN 455-1




Meets European norm EN 455-2


Moulded manufacture


Total length: 240mm minimum




- Small: 80 ± 10mm


- Medium: 95 ± 10mm


- Large:110 ± 10mm


Strength: breaking force (for latex gloves):


- Before accelerated ageing: 7.5N


- After accelerated ageing: 5.5N


Low residual protein level (refer to EN 455-3):


- 250µg/g for powdered gloves


- 50µg/g for non-powdered gloves


Lengthening at break: minimum 600%


Cuff length: minimum 5cm


Strictly for single use.


After use, ensure complete destruction by incinerating in a protected area.


In a dry place, away from a direct heat source.


Cardboard dispensing box with 100 gloves.


Labelling on the box:  Manufacturer’s name and address; product name and size; manufacturing date and expiry date; and CE mark. Must be multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.


Complies with European Norm EN 455-3:


Gloves that are directly derived from latex need to indicate the following:  "(product) containing natural rubber latex likely to provoke allergic reactions".


- Powdered gloves need to bear a label specifying that they are powdered

Other requirements:

Must comply with European Medical Device Directive 92/42/EEC, or equivalent international norm.

Meet standard:

EN 455-1:2000: Medical gloves for single use – Part 1: Requirements and testing for freedom from holes


EN 455-2:2000: Part 2. Requirements and testing for physical properties


EN 455-3:2000: Part 3. Requirements and testing for biological evaluation


Note: Replaces the older finger sheaths, which absolutely cannot be used anymore due to contamination risks.