Bandage, triangular

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
BANDAGE, TRIANGULAR, 136 x 96 x 96 cm CH 0.89 0.055kg 0,15L Add

General information

Triangular-shaped cloth; extended ends are used to tie the bandage around the neck. The broad base supports the upper limb flexed at the elbow.

Used for a trauma to the arm or a fracture of the clavicle.



- 100% cotton, woven fabric, calico type, unbleached or mixed with viscose fibres.


- 100%  viscose staple fibres.


Fabric relatively free from weaving defects, not starched.

A) Fabric cotton:

Size: 136 x 96 x 96cm (+/- 2.5%)


Cotton fabrics, plain weave, cotton 100%


Tread count per 10cm:  warp 250 to 270, weft 231 to 251


Weight: approximately 84 g/m²

B)Fabric viscose:

Size: 96 x 96 x 136cm (+/- 2.5%)


Thread count per 10cm: warp 265, weft  265


Weight per m²: approximately 110g/m²


Weave: 1:1


- Hemmed, lock-stitched (properly sewn without loose threads), threads trimmed short (< 5mm)


- Size: base 136cm approximately (+/- 2.5%), from base end to point 96cm,


- Washable, autoclavable, not sterile,

Unit presentation:

One triangular bandage, medically clean, in a protective plastic bag, and preferably delivered with a safety pin.


Each carton and unit presentation clearly must indicate manufacturer’s name, product identification, and CE mark.


Note: Can be purchased or manufactured locally, refer to cotton and sewing specifications.