Chest drainage bottle (underwater seal) and tubing sets

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
DRAINAGE, THORACIC, BOTTLE, 2 l, with tubing, sterile, disp. CH 27,30 1,18kg 0,012342m³ Add
DRAINAGE, THORACIC, BOTTLE, 2 l, with tubing, autocl. CH 123,38 0,25kg 4,32L Add

General information

Underwater seal chest drainage bottle.

Used after chest surgery or a chest trauma; i.e., pneumo-haematothorax, empyema



Bottle with integral handle, removable protective cap.


Adjustable straw


Bed hangers


Disposable stand


Tubing sets


Bottle: PVC


Tubing: translucent silk-finish PVC


Bottle with 2 chambers and an overall capacity of 2000ml.


a) Small chamber: 500ml with clearly-marked Prime Level (water seal = 200ml).

Permits an accurate measure for the first 500ml, which is important for children.


Adjustable, graduated straw.


Screw cap with rubber gasket, used to secure water seal tightness.


b) Large chamber: 1500ml for complementary drainage.


Write-on strip: beside each chamber, with scale for continuous monitoring of drainage progress.


Venting and suction port: removable protective cap, non-occluding. The port is situated on the top of the bottle for verification ease and protection.


Unit presentation: 1 bottle, sterile, single-use.


Unit presentation:  Must be supplied in double packaging: one interior layer (non-woven drape) plus an outer sterilized peel pack.

Labelling: Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer, "sterile", lot number, expiry date by year and month, "for single use", and CE mark and reference number of notifying body. Must be multilingual: English, French and Spanish, others when available.

Secondary packaging:

Protected unit. One (1) box with 1-unit presentation, labelling to be the same as primary packaging.


Additional required information: Number of units per secondary packaging. Information for product-specific storage conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure, light, humidity, etc.).

Outer packaging:

Packaging unit: strong carton


When using a suction machine: maximum recommended vacuum is 5kPa. Chest drainage bottle can withstand a maximum vacuum of 13kPa (consult the supplier’s instructions for use).


Complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC