Tool kit for rigid water tanks

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, TOOL, for rigid corrugated water tanks CH 392.09 7kg 0,035m³ Add

General information

This kit is compulsory for setting up and connecting rigid tanks (Oxfam type).

This kit works with all types of standard rigid water tanks (refer to code KWATTANKR)


Good-quality tools, for short-term intensive use under rough condition.

KWATTANKRTO1 Content list - Export content list (excel file)
Code Description Qty
APROGLOVHD10 GLOVE, protection, heavy duty soft leather, size 10, pair3
EMEALEVEL400 LEVEL, aluminium, 400 mm, standard, vertic. horizont. vials1
EMEALEVELL01 LINE LEVEL, to use with builder's line1
EMEALEVELP18 LINE PINS, with 18m builder's line, pair1
ETOOCUTTKN51 KNIFE/CUTTER, retract. chang. stout blade, 150mm, alu. body1
ETOOCUTTKN5B BLADE, for knife/cutter alu 150mm, normal cut5
ETOOCUTTPLS3 JACK PLANE "Stanley Surform", standard, 250mm blade1
ETOOCUTTPLSB SPARE BLADE, for "Stanley Surform", 250mm2
ETOOFILEHC20 FILE, half-round, coarse cut, 21 x 200mm1
ETOOFILENK16 FILE, needle, knife cut, 160mm1
ETOOKEYSAM06 KEY, hexagonal male, "Allen", 6mm with spherical end6
ETOOLADDEX45 LADDER, aluminium extandable in 2 parts, 4.5m1
ETOOSAWSHA15 SAW, micro-tech hacksaw frame, for plastic wood metal, 150mm1
ETOOSAWSHA1B SAW BLADE, micro, 150mm, 12 teeth/cm3
ETOOSAWSHA30 HACKSAW, steel bar frame, wood handle, wing nut, L. 300mm1
ETOOSAWSHA3N BLADE BI-METAL, for hacksaw, 12 inches, 24 teeth3
ETOOSCDF0620 SCREWDRIVER, flat head 6.5mm x 200mm blade2
ETOOSCISSTD1 SCISSORS, standard, 105mm, the pair1
ETOOSOCKEX2B HANDLE BRACE, 3/8" square drive1
ETOOSOCKJ617 SOCKET SPANNER, 3/8" square drive, 6 points, 17mm2
ETOOWRENAD08 WRENCH, ADJUSTABLE, maxi 27mm, length 8", intensive use2
ETOOWRENCM17 SPANNER, combinaison, open + 15deg angled ring, 17mm2
ETOOWRENCM24 SPANNER, combinaison, open + 15deg angled ring, 24mm2
ETOOWRENP060 PIPE WRENCH, adjustable grip head, max. 60mm open, L.450mm1
ETOOWRENP140 PIPE WRENCH, adjustable grip head, max. 140mm open, L.900mm1
ETOOWRENP165 PIPE WRENCH, nylon strap 28mm, max. 165mm diameter, L. 300mm2
WNECSTHO2-3 HOOK SPANNER, for 2" and 3" Storz couplings4
WTOOSPANSWIV SPANNER, ring type, for swivel fittings1