Kit rigid water tank, 45m3, liner kit

last updated : 2018/12/31
Code Description Budget Price Ship. weight Ship. vol.
KIT, LINER+ACCESSORIES, for 45m3 rigid corrugated watertank CH 2 197,44 223kg 0,793212m³ Add
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Code Description Qty
APACTAPE50RB TAPE ADHESIVE, canvas reinforced, 55mmx50m roll, black1
EHDWBOLTGR12 BOLT, galva, round head with slot drive, d:10mm, L:20mm350
EHDWCLIPSP25 CLIP, spring fasteners , to clip on 25mm diam. edge support60
EHDWNUTSGH10 NUT, GALVANISED, for 10 mm diam. bolt, hexagonal350
EHDWWASHFL10 WASHER, FLAT, galva. for 10 mm diam. bolt4
ETOOPODGIS01 PODGER, spike to align iron sheet bolt holes1
KWATREPAEPLI KIT, REPAIR, for rigid water tank EPDM rubber liners1
WNEVBRGA3FF VALVE, BRASS, GATE, 3", threaded fem/fem1
WTOOSEALTEFL SEAL TAPE, 'Teflon', for water connectors, roll 12mm x 12m1
WWAKRTOXCA12 SPLIT CAPPING, PVC, d:12mm, per metre length21
WWAKRTOXCA25 SPLIT CAPPING, PVC, d:25mm, per metre length21
WWAKRTOXGUIDE MANUAL, Oxfam Water Storage Pack, in a plastic bag1
WWAKRTOXL45 LINING, 45m3, EPDM reinforced synth. rubber, thick: 1.25mm1